Feldfix is an online marketplace that brings together extraordinary farmers and their conscientious customers, allowing them to communicate and do business directly, just like a local farmer’s market.

Through innovative packaging and delivery, customers receive field fresh food at their doorstep from farmers who take pride in their craft, all while enjoying a unique and simple shopping experience that is founded on honesty.

As a result, customers get better food, shipped with a real story, from a farmer they know and trust.

We are currently Live and taking orders in Germany, and will soon expand to Austria.   Here at Burningpony we helped Feldfix extend and modified the Spree ecommerce platform into a marketplace, built marketing websites, and help drive the international team towards a successful launch.

Checkout the site and store at feldfix.com.   Though beware most of the products are in german only :/

Time Card

Timecard is a amazingly easy way to get your team to fill out time
sheets. 100% web based, timecard is designed to prevent errors and let employees fill out repeat time entries automatically. With many different visualizations your employees will actually enjoy doing their timesheet… (maybe).


  • On the fly reporting
  • Employee Benchmarks and multi year reporting
  • As you type entry and word suggestion.
  • 100% Web Based.
  • 10 Different User Time reports
  • project management tools
  • Invoice approval and delivery.
  • Automated Late Timesheet notifications.



Lumber is Burningpony ‘s flagship, a End to End Sales, Customer Management and Inventory tool, built for the reclaimed lumber industry and the chaos that comes with the business. Built with a mobile and dynamic workforce in mind lumber brought a paper business into the 21st century, where on the road sales team don’t have to call in orders, or management doesn’t know what’ s happening in the shop. Lumber is our pride and joy and will become our first public facing product in mid 2013.


  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Job Notifications
    for accounting and your shop.
  • A highly usable order interface built on proven but bleeding edge technology.
  • Scalable to thousands of workers.
  • Full Text Search
    for finding the job that you placed to some city in Korea 12 years ago.


NeuMedics is a privately held drug development company formed in Washington State in 2008. Its three co-founders combine more than 60 years of experience in executive management, drug development, and regulatory approvals. The Company has created a proprietary new compound (NM108) that holds great promise as a preventative treatment to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) dementia symptoms. The data from preliminary studies confirm that NM108 has the potential to become
® for the Brain”for as many as eight million at-risk patients in the United States alone.

William And Mary DC

William and Mary in DC came to Burningpony with a very common situation. The company that had built there custom application software was out of business. Burningpony accepted the challenge of re-hauling and rebuilding this complex system. Today, we maintain two systems for W&M in DC, a custom system called “Apply” and a new WordPress, gravity forms mashup to allow them to quickly get information from their student body in on off forms.


The Road will Lead you There

Cycle – Studio is a new spin / yoga studio in Alexandria, VA.Opening to the Public April 29th, it ‘s lead by an enthusiastic owner Sima Tammadon. This project was awesome, the team that Sima had compiled had a huge amount of talent from the Designer/ All Around Graphics dude, Frank, Caitlin in PR and all the builders that made the final result near perfect. The project itself was large, implementing integrations in POS with online services for scheduling, which all tied in to a custom website. You can see the website here. The software package used was MindBody Online which is a suprisingly powerful platform for businesses of this type, I was amazed someone still used ASPX though, but they have done a great job keeping an
effective tool up to date.


BurningPony, along with Jesiah.net and Crux Creative would like to introduce our latest Ruby on Rails (ROR) application. It is

designed to be a simple yet powerful form builder. The primary purpose of this application is to be a recruiting tool for those in the exhibit and trade show fields from designers to builders.

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[tabcontainer] [tabtext]Features[/tabtext] [tabtext]Building Blocks[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]Dynamic Form Generation (Infinit Possibilities) Dynamic Mapping Function for Form Integrated Trouble Tickets CMS for Static Pages

Report Generation [/tab] [tab]

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mongo DB
  • Redmine
  • Hoptoad
  • And lots more

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