BurningPony, along with and Crux Creative would like to introduce our latest Ruby on Rails (ROR) application. It is

designed to be a simple yet powerful form builder. The primary purpose of this application is to be a recruiting tool for those in the exhibit and trade show fields from designers to builders.

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  • Ruby on Rails
  • Mongo DB
  • Redmine
  • Hoptoad
  • And lots more

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Websites are an investment, not an expense!

Website are supposed to provide your company with a presence on the web. Alot of tradiontal business owners view this as an expense: Development costs, monthly maintenance cost, etc.

We have a very different perspective, Yes, it’s about the dollars but,

the purpose of a website is to work for you and make you money, not waste it.

Just like leasing a building for your store, your website needs to inspire and drive clients to your company. It is an absolutely critical piece of marketing. In this day in age, many consumers consult the internet before purchasing anything. If a company does not have a functional and well designed website many consumers can be driven away and not reassured in a quality product or service.

Give us a call or drop us an email and lets talk about ways we can revamp your website, or maybe help you with an online business plan. Either way, we have a solution for you and technology should not be in your way…or be an expense.

CRM Plugin Admits Defeat

So this grand idea apparently had some fundamental flaws.

It required the browser to be open… Seems simple but how often is it that a vistor simply closes a chat window?

The method

that I had been planning to use collapse when thought about in this manner, how can

I parse the DOM if

there is no DOM to parse.


So sadly this will be shelved. Hopefully the guys over at Olark will either build a Chat Transcript API, or start developing CRM plugins on their end. Unfortunately we can’t do it with what we are provided.





Posted via email from BurningPony Blog

Build an Olark CRM (Fat Free) extension

The goal.

Dynamically Push Conversation Objects from Olark to a CRM of choice…. Current goal will be the fat free CRM.

Currently the Olark API does not provide the most helpful API to get the full conversation but we still should be able to capture the Conversation div that contains the chat.

Basic Functionality

  1. Command From Operator !crm save
  2. Capture Conversation DIV
  3. Parse out HTML
  4. Search CRM for existing client by email
    1. If Exists save the chat to the clients info
    2. Notify Operator/provide link
  5. If it does not create a new person in CRM
  6. Provide link to operator to complete new entry

End Scope for the plugin

Beyond the basic scope, we would really like for the system to immediately pull data from the CRM and update the chat vistors name. Then provide any relevant links to the operator either by notification or by updating the visitors status message.


This could be done with no commands but I am not sure if it would create to many malformed entries in the CRM.


Olark – Spotlight Extension

So the sweetest live chat service Olark, got an API. This was my first attempt at using this API, though hopefully not my last. I have dreams of CRM integration in my head.

The goal of this was to allow a operator to highlight a DOM on the users browser in a simple fashion, nothing to fancy, just useable.

It is capable of not only flashing the selected DOM but also scrolling the users browers so he or she can see the flashing done. All of the animation is done with jQuery.

Setting up your site.

You must add Olarks new API code, this can be found here.


Add the olark.extend command for SpotLight and point it to the location of the olark-spotlight.js file

<script type='text/javascript'>

olark.extend('SpotLight', {source: '../lib/javascript/olark-spotlight.js'});


Don’t forget to include jQuery!!


Everything is based around a class “olark-spotlight” and the id of the respective DOM.

You can add the class to anything as long as it has a unique ID.

Like so

<li class = 'olark-spotlight' id= "bob" ></li>
<li class = 'olark-spotlight' id= "stone"></li>

Using Olark-Spotlight

The key command is !spot.

!spot – Provides a list of available elements that an operator can highlight.

!spot uniqueID – will scroll user to #uniqueID element and pulse the opacity of the #uniqueID element.


Sadly this is not something you can really demo. I haven’t taken the time to fake the operator’s command. But if you want a demo go to and ask for me to spotlight something.

Get the source here