Build an Olark CRM (Fat Free) extension

The goal.

Dynamically Push Conversation Objects from Olark to a CRM of choice…. Current goal will be the fat free CRM.

Currently the Olark API does not provide the most helpful API to get the full conversation but we still should be able to capture the Conversation div that contains the chat.

Basic Functionality

  1. Command From Operator !crm save
  2. Capture Conversation DIV
  3. Parse out HTML
  4. Search CRM for existing client by email
    1. If Exists save the chat to the clients info
    2. Notify Operator/provide link
  5. If it does not create a new person in CRM
  6. Provide link to operator to complete new entry

End Scope for the plugin

Beyond the basic scope, we would really like for the system to immediately pull data from the CRM and update the chat vistors name. Then provide any relevant links to the operator either by notification or by updating the visitors status message.


This could be done with no commands but I am not sure if it would create to many malformed entries in the CRM.