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Olark + WordPress Better Together

We rebuilt the Olark For WordPress plugin to support some of the new fun stuff that the Olark guys has been working on.

The old Olark Plugin had been left un updated for almost two years. We just had to jump in a show off all the sweet new features Olark has been working on. The real feature improvment is the new integration with Olark’s JS Api. This lets an Olark Operator know if a user is logged in to wordpress and there relevant information. This should work in Buddy

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Press as well so it could be a huge step in your ability to support your clients or product with Olark on a WordPress installation.

A quick blurb on Olark

Olark provides clean integration with tools you already know and love so you can actually focus on selling and support. In fact, we’re the only live help tool around that was built from the ground up to work with a host of standard instant messengers. But did we skimp on the power? No!


If you need support Write a comment below.

Get the latest code from WordPress Plugin Repo HERE

  • Felipe Villa

    am trying to use this plugin in my site, but am getting this error each time i click the “click to chat” tab:
    Uncaught ReferenceError: habla_window is not defined
    am using wordpress 3.4.1
    i will apreciate the help

  • rposborne

    Are you running the latest plugin?